We all know about the controversy involving bright lights and advertising around Wrigley Field. The Lakeview Citizens Council is concerned the area may look like Times Square - but you can't walk around New York with open bottles of alcohol. Where in the United States can you walk though the streets from entertainment complexes to your hotel, drinking a beer in the glow of neon lights? Only in Las Vegas.... or maybe soon in Wrigleyville?

"Notwithstanding any provision of the Chicago Municipal Code to the contrary, all allowed uses of the Property and Sheffield Avenue (when permitted to be closed as set forth above) may be operated indoors and outdoors. Allowed uses shall not be subject to limitations in the Chicago Municipal Code, if any, regulating noise or prohibiting the playing of live or recorded music. No provision of the Chicago Municipal Code as applied to the Property, including, without limitation, restrictions on open containers and the sale and service of liquor, shall be deemed to prohibit open containers anywhere on the Property or on Sheffield Avenue (when permitted to be closed as set forth above) or to require screening or barriers anywhere on the Property, except at the perimeter of the Property as necessary to prevent the movement of open containers from the Property into the public right-of-way (other than Sheffield Avenue, as stated)."
See p. 73, Zoning Reclassification App No. 17730 at 1060 W Addison St, 3639-3659 N Clark St, 1101 -1103 W Waveland Ave, 3701-3709 N Clifton Ave and 3614-3640 N Clark St

This planned development is sounding more like the adult playgrounds of Las Vegas and less like the family-friendly plaza advertised. Maybe we can look forward to enjoying "movies in the park" and a farmer's market with our friendly Wrigley Field vendors yelling "Beer Here!"

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